Is BattlEye a virus?

Battleye is more of a malware. When I launch Siege or any game with battleye the CPU jumps to 100 percent usage. This happens only when battleye launcher starts.

Is the BattlEye safe?

No, it’s not safe.

Can I delete BattlEye?

Uninstall BattlEye using, and then reopen your game. Restart your PC, and open the game again. Uninstall and reinstall your game.

Does BattlEye steal data?

While BattlEye needs to have full access to your system’s internals to have the capability to detect all hacks, we do not look at, check, transmit or even sell any of your personal information, data, documents, credit card details, passwords or similar.

Is BattlEye invasive?

Not to mention anti-cheat engines (VAC, BattlEye, …), these are actually undocumented & invasive software scanning your memory for cheats, and certainly quite vulnerable as well.

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