Is it possible for different people to have the same IP?

Never. There are IP addresses that are part of the internet world-wide, and are 100% unique. For example, the IP address that your ISP gives on your cable connection. If you connect your computer directly to your cable modem (NO ROUTER in between), then you will be assigned a public IP address.two people can have the same IP address, but not at the same time. Unless you have a static IP with your ISP (which usually costs extra) you will be assigned a different one every time you re-connect to the internet. So, an IP address someone used to go online, then logged off, will become available for you to use.

Can different people have the same public IP address?

SuperUser reader Spartan wants to know if it is possible for different people to have the same public IP address: As I understand it, two computers cannot have the same public (external) IP address unless they are connected via the same router.

How do computers with the same IP address communicate with each other?

SuperUser contributors Reaces and Abraxas have the answer for us. First up, Reaces: Both computers are seen as having the same IP address externally. Your router will relay requests to the originating computer and the procedure used for this is Network address translation.

Do two computers connected on the same wifi have the same IP?

Do two computers connected on the same WiFi have the same IP address? Is it possible or not? An Internal (Private) and an External (Public) IP address. Internal IP address is used for communication between Your computer and a smartphone or whatever devices that are connected to that Wifi network. This is unique for each.

Why can’t one IP address be assigned to more than one user?

1 Answer 1. They could be using a network carrier which does not assign an unique IP address to each user but instead has only one external IP and uses Network Address Translation to allow multiple users to browse the web with that address. Such providers are quite rare in North America and Europe, but more common in other parts of the world.

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