What is a user name in MySQL?

The default user for MySQL is root and by default it has no password.

How to determine the user username of a user in MySQL?

Try the the CURRENT_USER() function. This returns the username that MySQL used to authenticate your client connection. It is this username that determines your privileges.

What is the difference between username and hostname in MySQL?

The usernameis the name of the user. And hostnameis the name of the host from which the user connects to the MySQL Server. The hostnamepart of the account name is optional. If you omit it, the user can connect from any host. An account name without a hostname is equivalent to: username@%

How to get the username the client sent to MySQL when connecting?

If you want the username the client sent to MySQL when connecting use the USER () function instead. The value indicates the user name you specified when connecting to the server, and the client host from which you connected. The value can be different from that of CURRENT_USER ().

What is the default user and server name for MySQL?

Default user for MySQL is “root”, and server “localhost”. Show activity on this post. You should be able to access the local database by using the name localhost. There is also a way to determine the hostname of the computer you’re running on, but it doesn’t sound like you need that.

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