What is configuration file of MySQL?

Most MySQL programs can read startup options from option files (sometimes called configuration files). Option files provide a convenient way to specify commonly used options so that they need not be entered on the command line each time you run a program.Its a MySQL database configuration file. This is the main configuration file of MySQL server. This is found in the root directory where the installation is done. In this file, the user can find the location of data folder.

Where is the MySQL configuration file on Windows?

Default Configuration File Locations (Windows) Default file locations that MySQL Router searches for configuration files on Windows. Execute mysqlrouter.exe –help to see the default configuration file locations (and their availability) on your system. In addition: C:\Users\ username \AppData\Roaming\mysqlrouter.

Where is MySQL config file stored?

On RH systems, MySQL configuration file is located under /etc/my. cnf by default.

What is server configuration in MySQL?

MySQL Installer performs the initial configuration of the MySQL server. For example: It creates the configuration file ( my. ini ) that is used to configure the MySQL server. The values written to this file are influenced by choices you make during the installation process.

What configuration files are used by the MySQL server?

The post explains the different configuration files that are used by the MySQL Server. The default configuration file is called my.cnf (or my.ini for Microsoft Windows) and can be located in a number of directories. On Linux and other Unix related platforms, the locations are using /etc/my.cnf, /usr/my.cnf or in the default installation directory.

How do I find the default MySQL configuration file?

Default options are read from the following files in the given order: /etc/my.cnf /etc/mysql/my.cnf /usr/local/mysql/etc/my.cnf ~/.my.cnf Step 3: Check the given locations in that order. The first finding should be your mySQL configuration file.

Where mysqld process reads configuration files in MySQL?

(View->’Select Columns’ menu option). 2. Following command will show locations where mysqld process reads configuration files: Please note that if your MySQL server startup command uses any of options –datadir or –basedir explicitly, you should append them to the list of parameters in the command below to see locations of configuration files.

What are the configuration parameters for mysqlbackup data?

Each set of backup data includes a configuration file, backup-my.cnf, containing a set of configuration parameters. The mysqlbackup command generates this file to record the settings that apply to the backup data. Here is a sample backup-my.cnf file generated by mysqlbackup :

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