What is sudo su used for?

sudo vs su Command The sudo command lets us use our account and password to execute system commands with root privileges, whereas the su command allows us to switch to a different user and execute one or more commands in the shell without logging out from our current session.

Is sudo su same as sudo?

sudo vs su Both su and sudo elevate privileges assigned to the current user. The main difference between the two is that su requires the password of the target account, while sudo requires the password of the current user.

What is sudo su access?

Sudo (superuser do) is a utility for UNIX- and Linux-based systems that provides an efficient way to give specific users permission to use specific system commands at the root (most powerful) level of the system.

What does su root do?

The Linux command ‘su’ is used to switch from one account to another. User will be prompted for the password of the user switching to. Users can also use it to switch to root account. If user types only ‘su’ without any option then It will be considered as root and user will be prompted to enter root user password.

Is it safe to use sudo su?

It seems like allowing sudo su – poses a security risk by making access to the root account dependent upon individual user passwords. Of course, this might be mitigated by enforcing a strict password policy.

What does Sudo Su do in Linux?

The “su” in sudo is short for “superuser” and it is a standalone command. The “su” command lets you change which user’s privileges sudo elevates you to. Although sudo elevates you to root temporarily, su changes you to another user with suitable privileges.

What are the benefits of ‘SU’ Command in Linux?

There is one more benefit of ‘su’ command that you can swith to any of the user account without user password. No need to remember different passwords for different user account; just user ‘su’.

How to use sudo to execute a single command in Linux?

To achieve same sudo functionality to execute any single command user has to use ‘-c’ option of ‘su’. Here is how to do it – After hitting enter user will be prompted for password and obviously it’s for root password because we’re using ‘su’ command.

What does Sudo-L do in Linux?

2. -l: The -l (list) option will print out the commands allowed (and forbidden) the user on the current host. This shows the current user can use all commands as sudo. 3. -h or –help: The -h (help) option causes sudo to print a usage message and exit.

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