What race is Nezuko?

Is Nezuko a demon or human?

Nezuko isn’t a normal Demon When she transforms into a demon Nezuko retains her human consciousness in the state of demons. Other demons she as well as Tanjiro have encountered have noticed that Nezuko differs from other demons. Instead of relying on blood from humans to survive, she utilizes sleep to recharge her energy.

How old is Nezuko?

This means that the time that Tanjiro was able to reach the age of 15, Nezuko turned 14 in chronological order but technically 12-year-old. Despite her age, Nezuko is still a formidable demon, and her amazing skills are more than make up for her age. 1. Nezuko’s Family Could Be Part of A Strong Lineage

What is Nezuko’s strength?

Nezuko possesses naturally enhanced physical strength when she is an undead. At the beginning of the story when she was first introduced to the demon she could decapitate another demon by kicking. Nezuko was also able to punch her Swamp Demon so hard that it threw up blood and even smashed the demon with powerful blows and kicks.

Is Nezuko stronger than Tanjiro?

During that time, her strength has increased as dramatically as Tanjiro’s until she is able to take on Upper-Rank demons, the most powerful in the world. Like all demons, Nezuko has a special ability called a Blood Demon Art.

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