Where is the MySQL config file Mac?

/etc/mysql/my. cnf.

Where is the MySQL config file on Mac?

/etc/mysql/my. cnf.

What is configuration file of MySQL?

Most MySQL programs can read startup options from option files (sometimes called configuration files). Option files provide a convenient way to specify commonly used options so that they need not be entered on the command line each time you run a program.

Where can I find the MySQL configuration files for OS X?

OS X provides example configuration files at /usr/local/mysql/support-files/. And if you can’t find them there, MySQLWorkbench can create them for you by: Selecting the ‘Options File’ under ‘INSTANCE’ in the menu. MySQLWorkbench will search for my.cnf and if it can’t find it, it’ll create it for you

What is a MySQL config file?

It is usually described as a Options File or MySQL Config File. The docs have the location of these files in the documentation, As well as other VITAL information like the location & small examples of what the config file must look like. On Unix platforms, MySQL ignores configuration files that are world-writable.

Where can I Find My MySQL database on my Mac?

When you use mysql installed via Homebrew, you should find your database folders and files in /usr/local/var/mysql OS X Server (at least v10.6) keeps the database in /var/mysql by default.

Where can I find the default configuration file locations for MySQL router?

Execute mysqlrouter.exe –help to see the default configuration file locations (and their availability) on your system. Default system-wide installation under C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Router : C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Router\mysqlrouter.conf

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