Which command is used to delete a database?

The DROP DATABASE command is used to delete an existing SQL database.

How do I delete a database from the command line?

Open the MySQL Command Line. In order to delete a database in MySQL, you’ll need to use the MySQL command line from your computer’s Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac) program. Enter the login command. Type in the following, then press ↵ Enter .

How to delete a database in MySQL Workbench?

First, launch the MySQL workbench and login to the MySQL Server. Second, right-click the database that you want to remove for example testdb2 and choose the Drop Schema… option. Third, MySQL Workbench displays a dialog to confirm the deletion. If you choose Review SQL, you will see the SQL statement that will be executed.

What does drop database mean in SQL?

SQL – DROP or DELETE Database. The SQL DROP DATABASE statement is used to drop an existing database in SQL schema.

How to delete a database in RDBMS?

The drop database statement is used to delete a database. We should always note that in RDBMS, database name should be unique. We should always remember that DROP database command may be the cause of loss of all information so we should always be careful while doing this operation.

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